Wall Street Protests

Wall Street Protests

On the one hand, I reject the anti-capitalist goals of the Occupy Wall Street protestors, and their implicit “entitlement” message. But on the other hand, I agree that the government – Democrats and Republicans alike – bailed out the rich and the privileged at the expense of every one else.

When the powerful become too big to fail, it only consolidates even more economic and social disparities and thus fosters injustice.

I think we as a nation need to look seriously at the principles inherent in the Year of Jubilee which God instituted with Israel under the old covenant.

If we took the underlying principle of giving society and everyone a fresh start every 49 years, how would we do it?

I wonder what that would look like today?

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  1. My degrees are in economics, and I actually spent a lot of time thinking about this, Jim. I do know that you’d have a whole actuarial science devoted to risk calculation and “jubilee insurance” and diminishing loan rates depending on dista…nce from the jubilee year. The whole idea of indulging an extravagant, gifting heart perspective, with the certainty that God’s immediate blessing and provision would follow, is so foreign to most of us — even those who say we are dependent on Him — that it would be a hard sell, wouldn’t it? Unless hearts changed first…..but that’s always the deal.


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