Narcissists with Power

Man of God?

I’ve finally come to realize that the most dangerous people, and the most charming, are narcissists with power.

Unfortunately, I see this all too often as I help victims of clergy sexual abuse and other kinds of leadership misconduct.

But once you understand who you are dealing with, it becomes easy to confront them.

~ Jim


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  1. I agree – most people dont recognize narcissists for who they are because they are usually very charming & manipulative and sometimes charismatic as well – they are very dangerous as they have little or no conscience and recognize no power but power – i write about narcissists in my book “Jesus v. satan: The message of the Wilderness Temptations” – i see satan’s offer to Jesus to give him the world as the offer to power, control & ultimately that of narcissism – but of course Jesus puts the focus away from self and back on worshipping the Father.
    I see most politicians as narcissists, many captains of industry and, sadly, many high profile church leaders. I have several female friends who were married to narcissists. They all made their spouses miserable–one was a serial philanderer, another a ministry leader and another a high profile physician–head of a dept at a major hospital, but these guys were small potatoes when compared to narcissists like Hitler.


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  4. Narcissists come in every form, a users come in every form. Your every day traditional workers and husbands, those with high profile jobs, even garbage men. Their positions of power only gives most an advantage, but don’t think this abuse and destruction is mostly in clerical positions! Been there ,done that for 25 years and survived. It happens most in your own homes.


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  6. I agree, Betty… it happens “most in your own homes”. That’s where the greatest destruction occurs, and where I believe we need to stop it first.

    Listening to the stories of survivors is one way for Love to penetrate into those dark areas, bringing healing Light and Truth. To really listen, and to believe the survivor, is a precious gift so great one cannot imagine. Sadly, the opposite usually happens – survivors are silenced.


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