Inside Out

Like a comfy, worn, ragged, favorite sweatshirt, life sometimes meanders along. Then a tidal wave comes and drastically alters the course of the stream.

So it is with the Lord. At times He allows me to peacefully follow His path; but then He turns my life completely inside out, with all of the fuzzy, bumpy, frayed edges exposed instead of hidden beneath the surface.

To me His ways are usually convoluted.

I have a friend who told me that she realized that I pray for really big things! Many times I have had to believe for the totally impossible. Then, in His timing, God far surpassed what I had hoped and believed for; often, in a way that was absolutely inside out. I then struggle with the work that is required of me after God answers my prayer.

Sometimes I have complained to the Lord that this, the answer to my prayer, should be more fun! The “work” is what He is changing in me and sometimes the monumental effort makes me want to quit, but I know I can’t return to the old ways.

Inside out is like a seed.  All that the seed can be is contained inside, but the beauty is not displayed until what is hidden appears. Then the incredible exquisiteness of God’s creation emerges.

I believe that God wants to turn us inside out. He wants to bring joy from ashes, to change mourning into dancing and life from death.

The question is, “Are we willing?”

~ Marianne


4 responses

  1. Wow. Once again- I can’t believe the timing of this. It took 3 sentences I spoke to someone yesterday and wove the whole essence together with extreme precision . The photo was an added gift. Thank you!!


  2. Very good.
    Not only inside out, but sometimes backwards, upside down and in reverse as well (He’s not limited to our linear vision of course!)


  3. THANK YOU, Marianne for this timely word! I am willing, some days more willing than others. Abundant GRACE to you as He continues the good work that He began in you!


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