Twitter and Facebook

Twitter and Facebook

Sometimes on Twitter, I just chill:

“Grace, love and mercy are all great, but please, don’t expect too much before I’ve had my morning cup of coffee!”

Other times, I get can’t help it and revert back to my professor days:

“Lord save the West of self-absorbed religion, mired in pietistic post-modern sensibilities, masquerading as Jesus-focused Christianity.”

(Oops. Did I really say that? It just sort of slipped out in an unguarded moment. Me bad!)

Another recent tweet, from my church planting perspective, generated lots of great discussion when re-posted on Facebook:

“Raised country and learned that crap is the best fertilizer. As Jesus brings life from crap, u won’t need no artificial church growth junk.”

(BTW, the crap I’m referring to is the mess in folks lives.)

I love writing this blog, but I also like the more dynamic and interactive environment of Twitter and Facebook.

So how about also connecting on Twitter (OrganicSower) and Facebook (

I’ve also added to a new page of recent tweets on my blog, Crossroad Junction.

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