I Want More Religion (Part 2)

I’ve heard privately from some who were offended with my use of “lazy-assed” in my blog, I Want More Religion (Part 1).

In my own defense, I was going to say “stinkin’ white-washed sepulchres” and use a whip to toss some tables, but I thought I’d tone it down and used “lazy-assed” instead. 😉

Seriously, if we don’t get out of this post-modern, introspective, insular, Jesus-is-all-about-affirming-my-own-sensibilities funk, then there is no hope of redemption and wholeness – for ourselves, for those He calls us to tangibly love and bless with real deeds, or for our culture.

If “lazy-assed” helped shock people out of their stupor, then it accomplished what I wanted.

Jesus redeemed you and me for a purpose that is bigger than just you and me. What He calls each of us to go and do will differ, but He nonetheless still does bid us go and do. Make no mistake about that.

Jesus is vibrant, life changing and world changing, and when we truly know Him – rather than use Him to affirm our own sensibilities – then His passion surges through our veins.

How can we not then go to a waiting, needy world and do the things He bids?

So how about it? Are you ready to shake off your “lazy-assed” stupor and fulfill your destiny to once again upend the world?

~ Jim Wright


15 responses

  1. Can’t believe you cussed.

    Haven’t you read the Bible?

    You have got to be the worst Christian I have never met.


  2. Only those who are not ready to shake off their “lazy-assed” stupor, will be offended that you used the term “lazy-assed” in your blog. Most “lazy-assed” Christians need to grow up. God has provided us an awesome destiny to proclaim His Kingdom is here. Thanks Jim for this encouraging reminder! Steven


  3. Anonymous, the word “ass” is in the bible as are hell and damn. As a Christian you should remove your head from Balaam’s ass and try to understand the point being made rather than be shocked by adjectives. There are other words for the backside of the human body but they all mean the same thing. Unwholesome talk is a matter of the heart, not the vocabulary.


  4. Hey Anonymous,

    How do I get on your “Worst Christians I Have Never Met” list?

    I’m sure I would qualify too… :>)


  5. I see why you stayed anonymous. I doubt you’ve met Jim. He has read the Bible and all you care about is “lazy-assed” being used to make a point? Do you know what the point of the article was?


  6. It depends on your intended audience…have you noticed how the comments have been distracted from your intended topic? I see an intensity in your posts these days that seems to convey a sense that your feel your time is running out and you are trying to shake everyone into consciousness of what you have been more quietly trying to say for decades.

    When teaching I once used ‘pissed’ as a modern idiom for being quite irritated (I still don’t knowing the roots of the usage) and was startled and saddened to discover it was a usage that offended a sincere Christian brother. Since then I have tried to avoid such terms under the meat-offered-to-idols advice…not that I can’t use them, but rather that I will work harder to communicate without them.


  7. While there are no doubt plenty of ‘lazy’ christians… its really shortsighted if you think thats the primary cause of lack of action.
    Trying to shame better behavior out of them is very unhealthy.


    • ‘Lazy’ is a result not a cause. In actual fact some lazy people are very busy, just busy with fruitless activities. Thinking of the wealthy west, the price christians would have to pay to truly upend the culture is just too high, they are weighed down with consumerism, materialism and competition. The ratrace is sucking the life out of them, with most but the typeA personalities and saints not managing to keep up with the cares of life and still do ministry… hence it is easier just to fund someone else to go and do fulltime on their behalf. Unplug from the system and many are still left facing the reality they have been conditioned to not know how to naturally relate to nonbelievers or those outside their holy huddle, let alone help their neighbor.
      Even then perhaps we live in a town where people reach out to one another in time of need (I’ve seen plenty of that where I live)… that in no way necessarily translates to a wave of conversions and people plugging into life in christ… for many its far easier to practically help or serve than turn on the holy spirit switch and reveal christ.
      So maybe that christian you think is just plain lazy is actually on a journey in gods purposes to bring about a shift. Funny thing about god is he doesnt mind taking his time. 6000years of us still growing up.


  8. Fleshly intensity, will not only not work in God’s kingdom, it will have a net negative effect. I think I understand the zeal/ passion but if the spirit is not right, all of the zeal, passion, intensity in the world will not promote God’s kingdom, and Jesus’ will. I know, I have been there. There Spirit of the Lord is calling us to know Him. He is calling us outside to Himself, not only outside the impostor church, but out side of our fleshly ways. We have come to be in this condition very naturally. There is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. We have been programmed since childhood, The programming / imprinting is from living in the world and all that has evolved as responses to the world systems, through our fallen nature. The Good News of Jesus is rebirth, redemption, and a new kingdom (realm), a new family we belong to. Here in this place, the ekklesia of Christ, we are destined for reprogramming. This can only be accomplished by the Indwelling Holy Spirit. If, as many might say, we just need to read our bibles, and get off of our lazy asses, the world would have been converted long ago. This plan was devised for failure by those who have not been trained by the Spirit of God, those who, if they are of the family, have yet to be disciplined by the dealings of our loving Father, and prepared for fruitfulness in Father’s vineyard. Flesh produces flesh, and Spirit produces spirit. Galatians chapter 4, give a very clear picture of the process and the results.


    • Marc, you often seem to want to make everything about your particular – and very theoretical – vision of ekklesia, as though that will solve all problems.

      This blog really has nothing to do with one system of ecclesiology or another. The problem of “being” and “doing” in Christ not lining up is not unique to any particular expression of the church. It has been my observation that the two biggest problems, where there is a disconnect, is either with an overly mystical focus on experiencing Christ through feelings alone, or with a theology of disengagement from the world that Christ yet loves. Often they go together, but no always.

      From what I’ve read of your other posts in Facebook, you seem to fall into that camp.

      In light of your comment here, and as I have asked you in other contexts, can you please tell us of the actual fellowships you’re involved with that have tried to operate on your theories? If they solve all problems, tell us the stories and show the fruit.

      In addition, can you tell us of how they are doing at both “being” in Christ and also “going” and “doing” in Christ? Because in my experience, it just doesn’t happen with those attitudes.

      I am open to hearing evidence to the contrary after having helped start a number of fellowships, mentored many in the Lord, and seen actual health emerge. The irony is that my blogs all come out of actual, nitty-gritty, on-the-ground ekklesia. I am very, very careful about not writing out of theory or ethereal ideals.

      That doesn’t make me right. But it does provide a filter that has served me well in evaluating all the different voices out there who want to promote their own books, blogs and visions divorced of mature experience.


  9. Jim, Sorry for taking so long to get back to you, I have just been sitting around on my lazy ass, Lol. One point is well taken, and that is the universal standard of, is it God or is it not? In God’s timing good fruit is always borne by the genuine work of the Holy Spirit. I have worked most of my life in fruitless labor, serving various churches, believing that was the Lord’s will for my life. I have served on the the boards of two churches, been and elder in one, and small group leader for men’s and various home/cell groups. I cannot point to more than one serious convert (who is a pastor now) in all of that labor. Hence my observation, that “flesh produces flesh”. I was a serious disciple under various church programs.
    Then after a life time of church work, my last church released me to go to some little home church or the like, for asking questions. I was upset by this, but not surprised, as I have had a first hand view of the manipulation and fleshly operations in churches for a long long while.
    The Lord had actually been prepping me for something for a while. The last three years or so the Lord has been speaking to me. Not the guessing that I hear bits and pieces here and there like before, no this was very clear, and regular. For years I wanted to have a larger say in the spiritual affairs of my family, but had little positive impact.
    Then after getting the right foot of christian fellowship, It seamed like the spiritual sky opened. The Holy Spirit (mystically) lol, began leading me, He directed me to write a book, and began sharing these revelations with my family, and one by one their hearts were opened up to hear this transformational message. Jesus was and is more real to us, than the air we are breathing. Two sets of adult children, their children, their businesses and carriers have moved onto town to share in this ekklesia, son in-laws, daughter in-laws, and friends of theirs are spending time with us, to see what this is all about. We share a meal on Sundays and other days, and the Holy Spirit settles in with us. Some times one child 5 years old will tell us things from the Lord. It is a real functioning first century ekklesia.

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