Faith is a much maligned word.

“If you only had enough faith…”

“Where is your faith?”

We have all heard these words either spoken to us or to someone we know. The Bible says that “we walk by faith not sight” (2 Cor. 5:7) and that if we have faith the size of a mustard seed we can move mountains. (Mat. 17:20)

Faith, I believe, is something that God implants in us. At first it may be miniscule like the mustard seed, but nevertheless it still exits. Faith is invisible, yet real.

Faith is a gift from God. It is taking the Lord’s hand and walking with him.

Faith is not something that we can create or increase on demand, yet faith grows, often unsuspectingly. It is not striving to achieve or quoting a specific Bible verse until “your faith is built up.”

Sometimes, faith for me is hearing from God, and with His still small voice comes an incredible, unwavering certainty … a peace that passes all understanding.

Sometimes, faith is not hearing from God, yet still trusting that His ways are perfect even with uncertainty as to the outcome.

Faith is diving underwater. You have to be willing to take the plunge and hold your breath. It can be scary because the water might be icy cold and shock you; but when you do, your world changes. You enter a new dimension of silence, clarity, beauty, awe – and God’s majesty. It is you, the water and nothing else. You can swim alone, but only for a very short time.

Faith is the same. You may think, “Wow, this is wonderful”, but if you continue to do it unaided, you will drown – just as you would if you were swimming underwater without oxygen.

Faith is a tree branch waiting for spring. Faith is a picture that gives hope. Faith is walking on the water. Faith is feeding 5,000. Faith is helping a friend.

Faith is trust that the creator of the universe loves me and cares about the most intimate aspects of my life.  Faith is walking with my husband and wondering what is God’s plan for our lives.  Faith is being willing to go out on a limb for a friend.

Faith is trusting God for the impossible. Faith is being willing to expose your dreams and your fears. Faith is resting in our Savior’s arms. Faith is putting the pieces in His hands. Faith is unfathomable, yet miraculously attainable. Faith is the love our Lord extends to us.

Faith is bedrock… solid.

~ Marianne


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  1. You have an incredible walk with the lord.Your insight into yourself and your ability to share it with others is in it’s self is a blessing. I believe we all falter in our faith on occasion, but as you point out we will drown if we don’t swim with the Lord. thanks.


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