I Confess: I Ate at Chick-fil-A

It hasn’t taken long for the Christian postmodernists among us to start accusing their brothers and sisters in the Lord of bigotry, intolerance and hate simply for eating yesterday at Chick-fil-A.

In the last 24 hours, I’ve seen several blogs and related Facebook comments along those lines.

My Favorite Chick-fil-A Meal

Really? Bigotry, intolerance and hate? I saw no evidence of that yesterday.

Have some become so trapped in their postmodern sensibilities that it now is wrong to stand up in a civil, respectful manner against those who want to use the power of government to silence a man of faith – and block his businesses?

And his “sin”?

Simply this: Affirming his personal support of marriage as God has ordained it in His written Word, while nonetheless being open and embracing of all who patronize his establishments regardless of their sexual orientation or differing views.

Let’s get a grip, folks.

Have some Christians become so preempted by the spirit of this age that virtue – and the support of virtue – is now a vice?

Even if there were a few on the fringe (which I certainly didn’t see), we must avoid the trap of those who always seem driven to disingenuously malign other Christians based on the crazy few. We can’t let them define us, even though they will always be vocal in trying to do so.

Are some Christians so trapped in the Jesus of their own creation that they are now compelled to promote the public embrace and state sanction of what God says is wrong?

Can’t they understand that many of us routinely, lovingly embrace those trapped in the bondage of homosexuality – as an affirmation our shared, God-given humanity – while still affirming unambiguous moral standards which God has given us in Scripture for our cultural and personal well being?

Are the postmodernists among us so twisted in their perception of the Gospel, or so removed from the actual reality of ministering tangible hope to hurting people, that they think it is hate to lovingly and respectfully affirm truth and the power of repentance?

Or must we all now sacrifice external moral standards on the altar of their postmodern sensibilities, and acquiesce to those who want to use the power of the state to enforce those sensibilities?

So long as we continue to act with integrity, civility and respect, I think not.

After all, there’s more than one way to speak truth to power. I just never imagined that eating a chicken sandwich would be one of them.

~ Jim


6 responses

  1. Isaiah 5:20, “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!”

    Unfortunately, this is exactly what we see happening in a culture that refuses to trust in Yahweh. And honestly, it’s exactly what we expect to see.


  2. The furor is amazing. While we now live far from any of the stores, back in Indiana the store was known to Christians as one with Christian principles because it was closed on Sunday. Questions as to the relevance of Sabath-keeping for Christians aside, it is encouraging to find business owners who stick by their beliefs. I assumed first ammendment rights applied to Christians as well as others, but the noise is deafening. I suppse that is part of the strategy of winning…divert attention from the facts and twist the arguments.
    1 Peter 4:3-4(NET) For the time that has passed was sufficient for you to do what the non-Christians desire. You lived then in debauchery, evil desires, drunkenness, carousing, drinking bouts, and wanton idolatries. So they are astonished when you do not rush with them into the same flood of wickedness, and they vilify you.
    ‘Astonished” and ‘vilify’…marvelously descriptive words!


  3. Every single man and woman is a potential homosexual or lesbian. Because turning to this practice is a decision – and we all can decide to do things, God has called abhorrence. We’re here to reach out and love all who do wrong – but we’re here to proclaim what is pure and shed the light of God on what is not. Thanks Jim for sharing!


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