What About Them Aliens?

What About Them Aliens?

With the discovery of over a thousand exo-planets and counting, plus several rovers crawling all over Mars, I would not be surprised if NASA eventually discovers strong evidence of extraterrestrial life. See Has ‘Curiosity’ Sniffed Signs of Life?

This would be exciting, if true.

Does that challenge anyone’s doctrine or faith? Why or why not?

To me, God gave humanity domain over the earth and all it contains. Our rebellion and fall only effected us and the rest of creation on Earth, and Christ’s redemption likewise focused only on humanity and redeeming His creation here on Earth.

What God does or doesn’t do beyond Earth and humanity, how He created or allowed life to emerge elsewhere, and how He relates to the rest of creation are outside the scope of His revelation to us in scripture – and thus are totally open questions.

I would respond in awe, and not be the least threatened in my faith, if we find that the universe is teaming with life.

How about you?

~ Jim Wright


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  1. I would welcome a new discovery. I believe that science backs up the Bible. There are many instances where science has finally caught up with the Bible.

    Aliens would not change the fact that Christ came and died to wash away our sins and redeem us all with the Creator.

    Great post Jim.


  2. Who are we to challenge anything our Heavenly Father does. That would make us like Absalom, or Adonijah during David’s reign. It didn’t end well. Our professed faith, declares that we trust in Jesus, and His redeeming sacrifice, His uncontested Lordship. What would aliens, have to do with this? Nothing. There is One God, above all, and in all, and the first three commandments are very specific to this. Commandments of love, for love, for our benefit. John 3:16 says, God so loved the world, His creation. So being made in His image, shouldn’t we do likewise. At the same time we have to be totally aware of James 4:4, to not fall in love with the world of men, but the one God created for us. Look how many different cultures exist within the human race. Too often different cultures have tried to enforce their sovereignty over others and the results were catastrophic. The Lord is sovereign, and that is good enough for me. We are admonished to be humble, simple, servants, in whatever capacity the Lord chooses to use us, giving God all the glory. The human race has become so puffed up in our belief that we are God’s foremost creation, because of what it took to redeem us. We can only interpret Col. 2:20 to mean all of creation is being reconciled to Himself. We are clueless, as to what all of creation means? We’re only human, and the Holy Spirit will reveal what we need to know, not all that God knows. We’re incapable of being able to comprehend it all. Like a small child, in comparison to a very wise old sage. Just trust, and follow Jesus, like we are told. 1 Peter 2:21-25 is a good description of this.


  3. Romans 8: 20-22 For the creation was subjected to frustration, not by its own choice, but by the will of the one who subjected it, in hope that the creation itself will be liberated from its bondage to decay and brought into the freedom and glory of the children of God.
    We know that the whole creation has been groaning as in the pains of childbirth right up to the present time.

    I think it’s best to submit to scripture on this – – and since scripture says “the whole creation” has been affected by the fall – – I believe it does not mean just our little earth. Even if they announce they have found some evidence of life on Mars, it does not negate the revelation of scripture that it would be in a fallen, corrupt state.


  4. We’ve been scanning the universe with our feeble means to find life elsewhere. Proving it is something completely different. The presence of water and/or some other ingredient of life says nothing yet. And if so? God is sovereign. We believe. His word is truth.


  5. Reminds me of a 30-year-ago science fiction book with a Christian perspective…No Man In Eden. As well as the line from the Christmas carol, “He comes to make His blessings flow; far as the curse is found….” Who says the curse affected the entire universe? Fascinating ideas!


  6. I like what C.S. Lewis said; if there were other intelligent life forms they would either be in need of redemption like man or they would keep well away from us.

    I agree from a Christian perspective that it really doesn’t change or alter our faith. Remember though what these scientists are looking for. They are looking for very evidence of very primitive bacteria to show that life can ‘spontaneously’ occur if given the right conditions. They are looking for something to bolster their faith of neo-darwinisim.

    Whether they find this bacteria or not changes not one iota the fallen state of the Universe (entropy) nor the sin nature of man. Besides, we already no aliens exists; the Bible talks about them. They are intelligent, not human and not from this Earth. Angels.


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