Deeper Life?

There are those who promote an insular "deeper life", which never seems to go anywhere. Have an adventure! Seek Christ's authentic life instead.

There are those who promote an insular “deeper life”, which never seems to go anywhere. Have an adventure! Seek Christ’s authentic life instead.

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  1. Eve said, “It’s only the fruit from the tree tree of the knowledge of good and evil that we cannot eat. God says we mustn’t eat it or even TOUCH IT.” She added to the original command.

    In your graphic, you asked, “When did a relationship with Jesus become so complicated that he became an obstacle to His own commands?”

    I think anyone, like Eve, when they add to what God has said in such a manner as to complicated the command itself, makes the relationship also too complicated.

    Eve could not keep the original, simple command nor her addition to it.

    Complicating the relationship is like making it about some extra “deeper life”, and is a natural outcome of complicating the relator and His revelation.


    • Thanks, Miguel. Good insight!

      The “deeper life” folks say they are making things easier, but from what I have seen they make our relationship with Jesus harder because – in their framework – there’s always some “deeper” revelation or experience that we must get to before we can ever do anything.

      It becomes a swamp where they become stuck in themselves and their need for always something “deeper”, which is an ironic contradiction of their somewhat misleading claim that “Christ is All”. (In practice, “all” means their own affirmation, with no real change except to keep going “deeper” into their own sensibilities – and thus no real external fruit.)

      From a pastoral counseling perspective, I find that those who are attracted to their message often have addictive personalities, where they always are seeking some more intense emotional or “spiritual” experience. They use to get it through drugs, alcohol, porn or intense emotions from past abuse, but now they can substitute some false concept of Jesus to feed the same need – rather than get healed of that need.

      Really, Jesus is just not that complicated!


      • thats an interesting point Jim re: addicts shifting to a new form of religious addiction. This is something i’ve seen at work in my own life. That said it seems to me most everyone is addicted or in bondage in some way, especially on the other side of the cross. Just some addictions are less destructive to basic needs and relationships depending how one looks at it. One could argue much of the religious institution was created and maintained to fill our communal addiction to harmful emotions and thoughts.
        Success for example can be an addiction for some high achiever types, propped up by cultural approval.
        I guess call me a bit jaded when it comes to claims of deeper life types, but also those who go on about ‘fruit’ and ‘good works’. Individual sensibilities applies just as much to what is considered valid external fruit.


        • I would not equate an addictive personality, and a need to find healing from it, with simply desiring something that may not be good for you. From a counseling standpoint, I have found that they are qualitatively different.


          • what you describe may be qualitatively different but no stream of christianity has a corner on attracting those from very broken backgrounds. word of faith for example has sucked in plenty of people who want to deny reality and keep believeing for bigger and better material outcomes.


  2. Yes, so much of our lives are driven (dictated, led) by the mistaken assumption that we can decide what is right and wrong. We have all eaten from the tree, and thus become tainted into thinking we have the capacity, ability to determine how to go, when to go, when to stay …..
    So much of our lives revolving around us, our walk, our needs …..
    Remember it was Eve that embelished the command of do not eat – into we must not touch it – another example of original sin where we think we have what it takes to draw the line, indeed any line, that then seeks to please or influence the creator, redeemer and lover of our souls.
    Let’s just stand awed in the fact that he loves and gave everything for us. WOW!


  3. There is a season for everything, including being hidden or quiet or exploring our interior. I would say that some are called to pioneer and inspire this in others though this should not be normative for all… anymore than becoming a missionary to unreached people group or starting some form of official ministry should be normative for all.
    But yes 100% agree if deeper life does not lead to any kind of outward giving and sharing then it is amiss.
    Remember jesus gave many commands… going into the world was just one of them. Add to that many people have very narrow ideas of what it means to go into the world. Like if im not using words like missional or ministry or witnessing then i must be just unconcerned about those things.


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