A Timely Warning by Steve Hill

The Seven Great Lies in the Church Today, by Steve Hill

Amen and amen. I stand shoulder to shoulder with Steve Hill on this important article.

If you’ve read Crossroad Junction for very long, you’ve seen me also tackle most of these same, out-0f-balance issues. I’m glad to see others raising identical warnings, now to a broader audience, regarding:

  1. Overemphasis of Prosperity
  2. Exaggerated View of Grace
  3. Antinomianism
  4. Deification of Man (or, as I put it, creating Jesus in our own image)
  5. Challenging the Authority of the Word
  6. Rejecting Hell
  7. Universal Reconciliation

Really, folks, it’s kind of simple: He defines what is ultimately true, real and right, not us.

He’s God. We’re not. Get over it!

~ Jim


5 responses

  1. I had the privilege of talking with Steve before this book was released and hearing about these issues. (I was saved in 1997 at the altars at Brownsville AG while he was preaching at the revival.)

    This vision of the Spiritual Avalanche is powerful and right on. I would encourage others to get a copy of his book!


  2. I track with his points somewhat, not so much as i got further down the list. Noting these would be threats to the stream of christianity he is in. Believers from other streams would have their own list.


  3. There’s certainly a lot to meditate on here, but what really hit me is the damage of the “hyper-grace” movement. I have witnessed the damage to marriages and families as preachers are put back up on stages so quickly after divorcing their wives and marrying their next victims.

    Even in my own faith network there has been so much emphasis put on divine healings – miracles, signs, and wonders that when someone falls sick it’s almost like they feel “sinful” or unworthy to lead anymore. There is so much God does behind the scenes that we don’t understand.

    To over-emphasize any one thing, whether prosperity, grace, miracles, etc, I believe opens us up to error, division, and pain.

    I’ve often thought about the deception at the end of Time that will be so great that even the most devout Christians will be deceived, except that Jesus will come at the right moment because of just that. It really seems like we are in or nearing that Time.

    In my own life, I’ve had to completely exit the church, and I’ve even put my Bible aside for months… because my mind was so confused. I had been a church leader, a speaker, and in full-time ministry… I loved God’s Word and had memorized many chapters and verses. But the intensity of all this deception – like the white out Steve Hill describes – was such that I just had to come to a complete stop and trust that my Papa God would protect me and guide me out.

    The white out perfectly describes this Time. I’m not sure that I agree with 100% of what Hill writes here, as I’m still putting all the pieces back together, but he’s given me a lot to meditate on and I believe we all need to hear what he’s saying.

    Thanks, Jim, for pointing us to people whose voice needs to be heard!


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