Voices from Jail

A rap/poem by a brother in fellowship in the local jail, who is learning to become the man God created him to be.

A Brother in Jail

A Brother in Jail

Perfect Wisdom

When I reached out
You took me in
When there wasn’t a soul in sight
And all I saw was you
You took me in
Dusted me off
Cleaned me up
Asked me if I’d yet had enough?
Knew about my past
Had been there through the struggles
Said you’d carry my burdens
If I’d give you my troubles

I grabbed to my shirt
Expressed a cold smirk
Yeah I’d heard that before
Seems never to work

If that were the case
They why have I fallen?
When I feel I’ve hit the mark
I’m back on my knees crawling
Calling, crying
Lost in despair
Can’t find my way
Caught in the crosshairs

Well son you were stubborn
Always thought you knew best
Ran 100 miles an hour
Never stopped for a rest
A breath, or a moment
To open your ears
The Devil had a stronghold
His best potion the fear
The fear of the truth
He knew you were blessed
Since well before youth

So he did his best
To keep me at bay
But after all I am God
So what can I say?

I let you run wild
Let you have your way
Now receive my love
And under my blessings stay
For you I’ve got plans
To make you a man
The setbacks will come
Perfection I don’t demand
Just be still, be patient, keep me on your mind
And all I promise will come in my perfect time

~ Jesse V.
Manassas Regional Adult Detention Center, Virginia


4 responses

  1. Deep, authentic, and liberating are the words I’d use to describe this poem. This man really gets – and gets to – the true message of the Gospel. Well done!


  2. es un poema muy bendecido!!! jess la gloria del Señor hace de mejores hombre en ese lugar, continua tu caminar con cristo dentro y fuera y veras que todo sera diferente en tu vida, estos testimonios sirven para fortalecer almas y corazones!!! buen trabajo hermano en cristo


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