Holy Ghost Church in the County Jail

I spent Sunday afternoon with the guys in one of the churches that we planted three years ago in the local jail.

My voice went hoarse from singing along with them and my fingers became sore from playing the guitar as they took the initiative in starting song after song and leading forth.

For nearly an hour and a half they sang non-stop praises to the Lord, and were so loud and enthusiastic I’m sure they could be heard throughout the building.

They were stompin’, clappin’ and rockin’, with lots of laughin’ and cryin’ in gratitude before the Lord!

Now, I don’t want to shake up anyone’s theology, but the Holy Spirit also was grooving to some powerful, spontaneous rappin’ that was going on!

After all the Jesus praisin’ quieted down, we then engaged in wonderful dialog over Luke 10:1-12 and how they too can plant organic, participatory fellowships when they are transferred to other units or released back into their neighborhoods.

Jesus in them, Jesus among them, and Jesus through them.

It was church at its best!

~ Jim


5 responses

  1. Jesus requires one thing, a childlike heart, with mustard size faith. Why not in a jail? Jesus is a miracle worker, and….. he rose from the dead….. which means, he is still at work in the church. No matter where it meets….. right? of course. Jesus HUNG out with robbers and thieves, figuratively, and literally. Praise God Jim, great testimony of a living God among sinners. Thank You.l


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