Intentional Ministry

Last night was the second week in a semester-long class Marianne and I are teaching, through Nathan’s Voice and our fellowships, on pastoral counseling. We had a full house (literally!).


The Art of Pastoral Counseling

We previously taught this two years ago, and many are now ministering grace and healing in our county to those trapped in the bondage of addictions, past abuse, and controlling emotional wounds.

About half of the class comes from our fellowships, and the rest from other churches in the area.

But this morning, I’m tired…

Teaching these classes take a lot out of me, while also resonating with my core motivation of seeing the Body of Christ fully function as God intended.

Relational fellowship is critical for healthy churches. But we also must not neglect intentional, systematic teaching and mentoring – and focused areas of ministry – as we equip others and advance His Kingdom.

~ Jim


2 responses

  1. I wanted to share my insights with you because I have recently found myself. It has been a true release. Joyful in a calm, deliberate way. I have spent many months in deep thought. Yes, I have gone to God. I have been very honest with him. I told him that I didn’t want to waste my time anymore. That I wanted to find what I was seeking already. And, I did. I remembered that what I had learned in dreams was true. That when God spoke to me and told me to fulfill my life, that it was okay. So now, I’m doing that. I’m trusting that loving and loving myself by making myself happy is His dream for me. It’s His dream for Us. How am I doing that? I’m remembering all the times in the past when I felt love and I am duplicating that and perpetuating that. Because love is where we come from and love is where we’re going. It’s time for me to share that; to let other people know that they have to see that their problems are not as important as the solutions. It’s time to get beyond the problems and start living love in our lives, because when we do that, the problems go away anyway. So, that is my insight for all of you today. If you do that, you will be living love in your lives, and following God’s Will and Commandment to “love one another” as He has loved us. And, you will finally be a happy person and your addictions will go away, because you will be satisfied.


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