Pursuing Love and Spiritual Gifts

Tim Day, a fellow elder here in Virginia, is co-teaching a Biblical Foundations discipleship class with Sheri Warren and me on Sunday evenings.

That class pulls together folks from indigenous, participatory fellowships that are relating together in our county. Through it, the three of us – with help from other local elders – are helping to lay a foundation of sound doctrine in those churches through their emerging leaders.

Over the last few weeks we have focused on spiritual gifts, and the importance of everyone being able to encourage and minister to one another in our local fellowships as we each use the gifts God gives us for our mutual benefit.

As such, our fellowship gatherings are open and participatory, rather than scripted and directed – as we give way for the Holy Spirit to work through each person for the edification of all. We also have active community throughout the week were we help, enjoy and encourage each other.

Tim just posted a blog that reflects some of what he – and the rest of us – have been instilling in the lives of other believers, and fellowships, on Sunday night. It’s called Pursue Love. I highly recommend that you read it.

In it, he makes the point that we are commanded to pursue love, and that pursuing and using our spiritual gifts is an expression of that love.

When I read it, I felt tears of joy and gratitude for the privilege of equipping, with other local leaders, God’s people to step forward – through love – into their own gifts and calling.

~ Jim


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