Confronting Evil

Narcissists with Power

Unrepentant evil will never fess up to its own culpability, and always play the victim.

One response

  1. But unfortunately, confessed evil comes as a shock in this culture (leadership not used to people actually asking for help to understand themselves, and whose first conclusion is that the ‘confessee ‘ has other motives). When leadership put the pressure on to try and force the confessee’s will to see things their way, the genuine penitent is brought down through misunderstanding by insecure leadership.
    Probably not explained very well, but was my experience anyway. The lesson/challenge: finding the path from the Lord in order not to play the victim.
    Heck, Jeremiah was right when he wrote about the deceitfulness of the human heart, when commodities like integrity and status have the spotlight turned on them.


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