Requiem of Abuse

Thru eyes of hollow darkness,

In the vastness of their stare,

The symmetry of life and death –

the knowledge –

It’s all there.

Your ego stole their youth away,

and bred the fear that grew.

And often,

In the horror,

Of their eyes that do not feel,

I see that fear –

Your hope, it’s clear –

That echos ever deeper

Down the chambers of their mind.

Yet still the martyr

you do play,

Repentance never near.

God in His mercy

Vengeance takes,

And holds true victims dear.

~ Jim Wright

This is our response to the brutal attacks and threats against Frank Viola’s victims and those bearing witness against his history of sexual predation and exploitation, while he continues cranking out blogs implying HE’S the victim…

Pure unrepentant narcissism.


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2 responses

  1. “The symmetry of life and death” — yes. Listening to another young woman seeking freedom from a past of abuse nestled into dysfunctional religious association and personality-cult bondage, I kept thinking: promised life, but delivered death, so that even the vocabulary of Love and Faith and Trust become meaningless. Thank God He can and does deliver from even such harm, but, oh, the price the victim and those who (finally) cherish her life are called upon to pay.


  2. There are far fewer who will stand with the victim, protecting her from the growing onslaught of the enemy attacks. She’s never more in danger than when she first speaks up. Rare is the person, whether minister or friend, who will stand with her… sit with her… fellowship with her. It’s a spiritual crucifixion.


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