When we think of redemption we usually think about Christ’s atoning blood which delivered us from our sins. Yes, on the day we personallybundle surrender ourselves to the Lord and ask His forgiveness, He redeems us and we become His children.

Christ’s sacrifice was vital. We can now partake in His kingdom here on earth and when we die join Him in eternity. However, I believe that Christ’s act of redemption is far more encompassing then simply making a way for us to enter heaven.

I believe we need redemption in many areas and that God wants His plan of redemption to become an integral part of our daily lives. Trials are an integral component in our walk with Christ and during these trials issues often surface.

For some they might be momentary setbacks, but for others they could be huge, cataclysmic events – like abuse, abandonment, disappointments – that tend to define them over time. In a sense, those things become their reality.

God’s redemptive power is able to redeem any circumstance. I believe that the Lord wants to daily redeem our lives.

Often we have to be willing to openly and verbally cast our cares on Him and allow Him to take our bundle of regrets, unforgiveness and pain. When we fully expose and release them to Him, God in His Sovereignty cleanses and washes us and gives us His peace in return. The weight of what someone has carried maybe for ten, twenty, thirty or more years is gone.

Jim and I have had the privilege to walk with many people in this way, through Nathan’s Voice and working with churches and ministries in the area. We feel honored to be allowed to witness the Lord’s miraculous redemption as He replaces huge weights in people’s lives with His truth and peace.

What a mighty God we serve!

~ Marianne


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