Crossroad Nugget

Claims of “radical faith” and “deeper life” hold no appeal. Often, they become distractions from God’s desire that we become whole, complete people of simple faith and simple obedience.

The older I get, the more I want simple.

3 responses

  1. Thank you Jim for this thought.
    The “radical faith” and “deeper life” are sometimes the answer to an alias-faith or delegated faith (to clericals) and a life based not on Christ only, but also on philosophical additives and other man-made traditions. Indeed, the great challenge is to prune and to keep Christ alone. Well, it’s difficult, but not impossible.Being simple in faith and obedience, to Him.


  2. On this particular post I can’t say I agree considering much of the church is currently sleeping. Too many are not walking in holiness or seeking God’s face through His Word on a daily basis and to them it would be “radical” for them to change from their current state. As you know, “deeper” life in Christ comes from spending time with Him and studying His Word. Sadly many are too busy with their lives to spend time with the Lord. For followers of Christ that have remained steadfast in their walk these things are not required but for a large part of the church they may need “radical” and “deeper” to bring about a walk that is scriptural. Just my 2.5 cents. By the way, love your blog!


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