Crossroad Nugget

Ideas have consequences, as do doctrines …

Including the doctrine that doctrines don’t matter.

2 responses

  1. Yes! there seems to be a belief that doctrine is a dirty word associated with legalism and division in the church. It suggests that to hold a belief is to be ‘narrow’ and potentially bigoted, and that there is no such thing as TRUTH out there…regardless of whether you hold your understanding of it loosely and graciously. There may well be many doctrines out there that IMHO don’t matter as to whether a person is a Christian, but there are a few key ones that are essential to anyone claiming to be a “Christian.”. As I indicated in my Revisiting Scripture eBook series, I would put the authority of Scripture, the deity of Jesus Christ, and the death and resurrection in that latter group. Deny those and you may be a good person, a caring moral, giving human, but you are not what I would call a Christian!

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  2. Two categories of doctrine – those that are central to the faith…and those that you can be fully in the faith, yet hold different views. The first category is actually more narrow than the Chief Priests and Elders of the Law today would have us believe.


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