“Apostolic” Peddlers

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  1. But Jim, I have seen you in the past talk about purchasing certain works and recommending them also, like books,etc…what’s the difference? what keeps those scribes from being “apostolic peddlers”?


    • Brian, I have never sold anything on this site or in the Body of Christ.

      Regardless, it is one thing to write and offer books based on actual experience. I have no problem with that. It is another thing, however, to write and peddle books and blogs as though you have experience, but don’t. That’s deceptive. It is using Christ to turn a buck.

      A good example are the “apostolic workers” with whom you are affiliated and often defend. They are good at pontificating on how to “be the church”, but have no consistent history of successfully being part of an actual local church or making their church “teachings” work in their own lives or anywhere else for any length of time.

      Mentioning a book rooted in actual experience is a service to the Body of Christ. That is far different than using Christ – like we now see within your own “apostolic worker” camp – to sell big screen TVs and other gadgets on their blog where they also sell bogus “discipleship” classes and other “ministry” related goods and services based on a false public persona and deceptive personal histories.

      That they are now reduced to selling big screen TVs and other gadgets is evidence that their “apostolic worker gig” is up – as folks finally see through the phony and start checking into their personal histories and string of failed churches.


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