Recovery Homes

Several of our fellowships want to open additional recovery homes in the county for those putting their lives back together following abuse, imprisonment, addiction, economic distress or other major disruption. Over the last several years, we have teamed up with another ministry to support this local need, but its focus is only on addiction – which is very much needed. However, we also need similar homes for those dealing with other issues.

Our desire is to create transitional, peer recovery homes where there is functional, Christ-centered community within each house. This would involve mutual support, encouragement and accountability among the residents – with appropriate outside support and oversight.

Our experiences to date have confirmed that such a focus is essential for real change to occur among those in each home. Otherwise, the houses become little more than a warehouse for knuckleheads, and become a detriment rather than an asset for those seeking to put their lives back together.

As we consider our options, we would value talking with others doing similar things – again, from the perspective of creating Christ-centered community in the houses rather than merely providing a place to live (either standing alone or as simply an adjunct to some external ministry or program).

If you are involved in such homes, we’d love to talk and gain insight from your experience. You can contact us in private or comment below.

In the meantime, here’s a blog from several years ago about one network of homes we visited in Missouri, which seems to be doing a great job at creating not simply housing – but real peer community in Christ:


~ Jim Wright


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  1. In 2002 I went to Spain. I had heard that Keith was doing something called “Healing Communities”. After over 17 months of thinking and praying about going I thought it was really my only hope. I figured with his years of training, expertise and experience the community (with Keith) might be able to help someone suffering from the backlash of severe childhood sexual abuse. It was not just Keith though, it was the whole community. Most of them had come to him for healing and as he helped them, he trained them how to help others. It is the basis of “healing communities”. Even though I spoke no Spanish and many of them no English, we still supported each other. It was amazing. My story (although it needs updating) is on our website. When we came to Germany we came because we invited to teach and model for them this type of healing community. Unfortunately in Germany they want a rigid system and Keith is nothing like that. The Germans decided Keith was right because he has provable results but as many have said to us “Germans could never do what Keith does. That would require openness and vulnerability something Germans can not possibly do”. So yeah it can be done, but it be a community, and it can not be just one
    person IMHO


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