Dopeless Hope Fiends

While visiting one of our indigenous fellowships in the local jail yesterday, a brother blew me away with this comment:

“On the outside, we were hopeless dope fiends. In jail, God is turning us into dopeless hope fiends.”

I liked that, and love how God brings hope to the hopeless.

~ Jim Wright


One response

  1. I am new at this site but my dear friend Wendy has been sending me your words off and on as well as chatting about you for a year or so now. While searching the site I cam upon this blog and it made me laugh not because it is funny but because it is so true. While doing time in prison on drug charges this did happen to me God gave me hope. He sat me down so I would listen and learn about Him which I did with so much vest and hunger. Once I got out I actually began doing a Prison pen-pal ministry for about 5 years and in that time reached out to thousands of brothers and sisters. It was one of the best experiences of my life and one I pray I can return to soon. But yes the comment is true God sets us done because we are just way to busy out there doing what we do. I thank God for my time and I thank you for such a great web site. God Bless you all


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