My Bible Prophecy Secret Decoder Ring

My Secret Decoder Ring

My Secret Decoder Ring

Unfortunately, I lost my John Hagee “Bible Prophecy Secret Decoder Ring”, so I was unable to determine the true meaning of last night’s “blood moon” before I went to bed.

Within nothing more to do, I decided I might as well get a good night’s sleep, wake up in the morning, and get on with my life – just like normal.

Now that it’s morning, I see that the world’s still here – with its normal complement of good news and bad news.

What a bummer. I was hoping for something more exciting, given all the hype.


I guess soothsayers and omen chasers – with their out-of-context Bible verses and wacko interpretations – will always be with us. After all, it does sell books!

Double Sigh…

Those who market doom and gloom, especially when wrapped in the Bible, always seem to find a gullible audience.


Even so, God in all His glory still sits omniscient on His throne – where He still sends those called by His name to a waiting world as His ambassadors of reconciliation.

Double smile…

Yes, evil will still be evil – but from Christ’s birth onward He promises that “of the increase of His Kingdom and of peace, there shall be no end.” (Isaiah 9:5-7)

I kind of like God’s eschatology of victory and hope, as His Kingdom of reconciliation advances, much more than Mr. Hagee’s fear-peddling theology of retreat, defeat and escape.

Now, where exactly did I put that secret decoder ring? 😉

~ Jim Wright


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  1. I like it best to hold on to the verses that tell us not even Jesus knows the day nor the hour. This keeps me in communication with the Lord regardless, knowing He will come when He want to come. Our hope and expectation is from the Lord, right. I know what you mean, many were waiting as well. That’s why we look to the Lord and not to signs from men. I totally feel what you share. God bless.


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