Take A Plunge On The Wild Slide

Have you ever experienced the thrill and excitement of going down a giant water slide at a water park?

Lately, I’ve been thinking about the joy the Lord and I experience by plunging down the slides He places in my life.

water slide 2The plunge comes towards the end of the journey, after lots of preparation.

First, I need a destination by choosing which water park. I can’t just hope to arrive without knowing where I’m going.

On my spiritual journey I also need a purpose. I can’t wander aimlessly hoping that somehow I will make a difference in God’s kingdom.

Once I have chosen a location, I must pack a few essentials for the trip. Suntan lotion, beach towel and swim suit are the bare minimum.

I believe that the Lord only has one essential for my journey with Him. I need to pack the attitude that I am willing to do whatever He asks.

That is a tough one to fit into the pool bag because self often wants something very different. Sometimes it seems like I have to keep shoving the desire to be obedient back into the bag when it tries to escape.

Next, when I arrive at the water park I must locate a good spot to sit and put my stuff. I usually try to find a shady location, but since there are few of them, they are often filled. The same is often true with the Lord.

The “choice” ministries frequently have an abundance of people who would like to be involved. That is not always the case when you open your life to single parents, the abused, those who live in tent communities or those who are or have been in jail.

Once I find my spot, it is now time to enjoy the park and I can pick which of the several slides to ride. I climb up the ladder as I wait in line. Don’t you hate to wait? I know I do.

At the water park near our home, once you get to the top you can pick one of two slides. On one of the slides you peacefully ride down on an inner tube and on the alternate slide you plunge in. It is just you and the rushing water. Both get you to the bottom, but they are totally different types of experiences.

I believe that the ladder represents the path that the Lord has set before you. If you are steadfast, you reach the top and sometimes we do have to make a decision. Just as both slides reach the bottom pool of water, so sometimes the decisions we make can still accomplish the same purpose.

For myself I often lean to the “safer” slide, but when I am willing to be more daring and adventurous and take the faster, steeper slide, I find that I really enjoy the ride.

I believe that the Lord wants us to leave our comfortable, safer ways of accomplishing His purpose. I believe that He wants us to be willing to not only enjoy being in His park, but to take the risk and be willing to plunge into the wilder, faster, more exhilarating slide.

You might find that it was the best choice.

~ Marianne




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