Progressive Hypocrisy and Religious Liberty

“Progressive Christians” seem to think it’s fine for government to:

Ban street preachers from public places, because open evangelism is “offensive”.


Intolerant “tolerance”

Bar side-walk counselors outside abortion clinics, because pro-life activists are “judgmental”.

Prohibit a fourth grader from reading her Bible in class, because she might become “close minded”.

Censure God from a valedictorian’s speech, because he can’t be “disrespectful” of other view points.

Force a bakery owner to cater homosexual weddings, because he’s an “intolerant” fundamentalist.

Compel an evangelical adoption agency to place babies with unmarried couples, because “discrimination” against other lifestyles is wrong.

Penalize churches that support marriage integrity referendums, because they’re engaged in “hate speech”.

Dictate that private business owners must pay for abortifacients, because their contrary religious convictions are “bigotry”.

Require Catholic charities to provide contraceptive services, because it’s wrong for them to “impose morality” on others.

Fire a municipal hospital nurse for refusing to participate in abortions, because she is “violating” freedom of choice.

When will this hypocrisy stop?

Government Coercion

The greatest threat to religious liberty today are so-called “Progressive Christians” who want government to “impose” their own “offensive, judgmental, close minded, disrespectful and intolerant discrimination, hate speech, bigotry and morality” on everyone else.

What they seem to forget is that religious liberty is not dependent on other convictions conforming to their convictions.

What may seem contradictory or inconsistent to them about another’s beliefs, may not seem so to others.

When contrary convictions do not conform to their own post-modern sensibilities, they are willing to advance their own political agenda by letting government power crush differing faith-based beliefs.

The conceit and hypocrisy of the “religious left”, as they advocate government coercion against contrary views and practices by other believers, has been staggering in its sweep.

I urge my “progressive” brethren to stop their war on other Christians. It is time to embrace a humility which honors contrary beliefs, and to refrain from the arrogant use of government to foist your own proclivities on other believers.

If you don’t, you will soon discover that without religious liberty, tyranny inevitably follows.

And when that happens, who will be left to defend your right to practice your beliefs free of government coercion?

~ Jim Wright




6 responses

  1. Reminds me of the book, “Free Speech For Me But not for Thee”. We are conditioned to expect Conservatives to attack, but the so-called liberals are not really so liberal! Just never thought of attaching it to religious persons before.


  2. This sounds a lot like Richard Dawkins who is openly intolerant of any religion. It’s almost like he’s a fundamentalist in reverse.


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