Truth, Justice and Church Sex Abuse

Finally, the truth comes out and justice prevails.

Over the last several years, Marianne and I have ministered through Nathan’s Voice to five families devastated by abusive church leaders at Sovereign Grace Ministries and it’s network of churches – including Covenant Grace.

Now one of the abusers has received a 40 years sentence, after years of denial, cover up and shunning of his victims by the leadership structure at SGM. See Child Sex Abuser from Gaithersburg -area Sentenced to 40 Years in Prison.

House2House Ministries and Magazine

Lies, Cover Up and Abuse

Let this be a warning to all who respond to leadership abuse in the Body of Christ with the same kind insular mentality that “circles the wagon” through denials, cover up and attacks to preserve their own power, influence and ministries.

Just like what we saw over the years with SGM, the so-called “apostolic workers” and their “Beyond Cult” over at House2House Ministries (including Felicity Dale, Jon Zens, Milt Rodriquez and Keith Giles) have done the same thing.

Rather than honestly address the history of abuse and cover up among them by Frank Viola and others, they minimize and deny the abuse while continuing to viciously attack and belittle the victims and those who stand with them.

They also have published blogs and circulated letters (in conjunction with their House2House Magazine co-contributor Bart Breen) which deny the accuracy of our past warnings about Sovereign Grace and the validity of our ongoing work on behalf of victims – on the mistaken belief that they can discredit our warnings about them if they discredit our work on other church abuse cases.

Maybe now they will admit to the history of evil among them and their ongoing network of self-serving lies…




Unfortunately, it likely ain’t gonna happen. But one way or another the truth eventually comes out and justice ultimately prevails.

Stay tuned. There is more to come.

~ Jim Wright


3 responses

  1. Jim, this seems like a kind of a stretch to get Frank’s name somehow attached to this. I am very happy that this particular individual is facing justice for his actions, but why is the overwhelming tone here about self-justification for you?


    • The pattern in cases of sexual abuse by otherwise charming church leaders, and the resulting cover up and attempts to trash the victims and those who stand with them, is so consistently repeated – time and again in different settings and with different leaders – that we need to openly talk about it.

      Having now been closely involved in far too many of these cases, I can assure you, Gordon, that the ongoing attacks against Mr. Viola’s victims and witnesses – as he and his cronies desperately seek to cover his own history of abuse – are far, far worse than what happened in the Sovereign Grace fiasco.

      See, for example, Bart Breen and Frank Viola – Lies, Sexual Abuse and Cover Up.


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