Civil Government and Civic Engagement: A Worthy Calling

Here are some thoughts on yesterday’s elections that I posted on Crossroad Junctions’ Facebook page:

I don’t want a central government that promises to solve all my problems by demanding the power to run my life. Such utopian schemes always lead to intolerance and tyranny.

It's fun watching millennials finally figure out, just like us old farts did in our day, that liberalsim is very attractive ... until you actually have to live under it. ~ www.CrossroadJunction.coomInstead, I want a central government which insures that the foundations for a healthy society are strong, so I then can build the kind of life that God wants for me, my family, my church and the community where I live.

A central government that promises to solve all my problems is a government that seeks to usurp the rights and responsibilities God has given to individuals, the family, the church, local communities, and voluntary associations of folks working together to make their lives better.

Central governments are best which limit themselves to the core foundations of a sound economy; the freedom to practice virtue; the liberty to pursue opportunity; the right to debate and dissent; the right to be safe and secure in one’s person, home, communications and possessions; the right to bear the consequences – both good and bad – of one’s own decisions; and equal access to justice and opportunity for all.

Any other promises to do more are a lie, designed to create dependency on those who seek power over us. Their resulting nanny state will always become an oppressive state because it must demand uniform compliance with its monolithic “solutions” – thus starting out with enticing promises but eventually becoming intolerant of true diversity, liberty, virtue and opportunity.

Such ideologies have never worked, will never work, and find absolutely no support in scripture. Those who claim otherwise distort scripture by trying to usurp and appropriate for the State – in order to use the State to force their own agenda on others – those rights and responsibilities that God properly has assigned to individuals, the family, the church, voluntary associations and local communities.

Christians of good will and moral courage are finally shaking off the lethargy of post-modern angst and doubt, having now seen the bitter consequences of neglecting our civic foundations for too long.

May the dark night of moral and civic uncertainty, indifference and deference to those with contrary agendas finally end!

May we never again be tempted to ignore the lament: “If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?” Psalm 11:3.

May there ever be Christians of good will who stand in the gap with others of good will to preserve our land from those who seek to destroy those foundations.

This is a worthy calling.

~ Jim Wright




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