More Than Conquerors

speak_truthCynicism and lazy seem to go hand in hand.

Many “Christians” habitually express those qualities when it comes to the problems and challenges of our age …

Rather than make a difference, they use cynicism to justify laziness.

To put it bluntly, they are not my brothers and sisters.

They serve a different God, who more often than not seems to reflect – surprise surprise! – their own pampered sensibilities.

Fortunately, I think the tide is turning as millennial believers and others are finally coming to grips with the social breakdown and cultural malaise that inevitably comes from post-modern angst, existential proclivities and self-centered cynicism.

Evil, vice and corruption loves those qualities, and the pampered laziness they produce in people!

God did not create us to be cynical and lazy. Rather, He created us to be more than conquerors as we pursue reconciliation, redemption and righteousness in all spheres of life – not just for ourselves, but for the blessing of all.

Seriously, folks, it’s time to break out of the sick lethargy of bad existential theology, fed by Machiavellian bumper-sticker slogans like “Christ is All” (see The Problem with “All”) to in fact deny His imminent Lordship and efficacious precepts over all – including all spheres of life.

For example, one “apostle” of such existential theology, author and blogger Milt Rodriquez, even goes so far as to publicly rebuke Christians who pray for our nation — saying that’s a distraction from Christ.

Unfortunately, the Christ of Milt Rodriquez is little more than a reflection of his own cynicism and proclivities, as evidenced by his denial (as is common among those who peddle such stuff) that the Bible is the written word of God – obeying instead his own perceptions of Christ.

These are nothing more than post-modern lies. Fortunately, folks are finally having no more of the resulting rotten fruit of self-centered cynicism, lethargy, cultural retreat and social malaise.

That’s why I remain optimistic and have hope that the tide really has begun to turn.

Here’s an example of some just-plain-ole-regular folk who finally had enough, started speaking truth to power, and are making a difference – rather than surrendering their community to the cynical and lazy spirit of this age:

Watchdogs in Illinois

Redeeming a nation, a town or a neighborhood is a worthy calling!

~ Jim Wright



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