The Lessons of Ferguson

It’s time to speak plainly and listen to each other, even if we don’t like what the other side has to say.

black_and_white_handshakeUntil White America understands the pent-up frustration of Black America over the suspicion, marginalization and humiliation they are forced to endure from predominately White power structures…

Until Black America understands the pent-up frustration of While America over the crime, entitlement and social disarray they are forced to subsidize in predominately Black neighborhoods…

Neither side will learn the lessons of Ferguson.

There’s been anger and sin enough on both sides.

Long ago I figured out the futility of cursing the darkness and decided to make a difference.

I pray that more heed God’s call to be agents of reconciliation, who cross the barriers to show mutual grace, repentance and redemption to a waiting world.

~ Jim Wright


One response

  1. Bro. Jim,
    Again I see the wisdom of your words.
    My prayer is for America to read them and then heed them. If we profess Christ as our Saviour than we must let His light shine through us. So be it!


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