Legalistic Goodism

doing_goodThe old legalism of “be good” (God is all about me being moral) …

Was followed by the current legalism of “do good” (God is all about me doing good, like helping the poor) …

Which rapidly is being replaced by the new legalism of “feel good” (the existential fad that God is all about affirming me, filtered through my own hurts, needs and sensibilities) – as its devotees now diss anyone or anything that doesn’t feed their need.

Seriously, these things run in cycles and there is just enough “truth” in each extreme to trap the unwary.

Unfortunately, those who buy in to each “goodism” seldom see how artificial and myopic it tends to be.

Although God is big enough to encompass each of these “goodisms”, He’s also sovereign enough to smash them when they become your idol.

~ Jim Wright


4 responses

  1. Goodism as an idol that replaces God-that’s a good remark. I don’t quite recall where God promised us a joyride. Yes, God gives us life abundantly. But that also means suffering for his sake, which we gladly except. He loved us first.


  2. Proclaiming a “good” Christian gospel results in a faith that is lukewarm at best. Being “good” doesn’t take into account the dynamic transformation of struggling with our faith. Look at Job, he struggled with God, questioned him. I don’t think being a “good” passive follower displays the fullness of his work or our walk. The value in recognizing places where we were not good and God met us anyway is more transformative. Being real speaks more strongly than appearing to be good to the outside world.


  3. My heart is sadden by all these FEEL GOOD preachers, The Blind lead the Blind and they all fall in the ditch. Where is the Balance of the Word of God ?


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