The Gift

Gifts are special. Gifts can sit on a shelf awaiting the appropriate time to be given, or they can be spontaneous. Gifts can come in small or large boxes. Sometimes the gift in the smallest box is far superior to the one in the larger container.

giftThe Lord knows how to give good gifts. If a son asks for bread, he will not give him a stone.

When the Lord selects our gift, He handcrafts it so it is exactly what we need. His gift is sometimes not what we would have picked, but He knows our true needs.

Sometimes the gift is an unexpected answer to prayers that may be decades old or it could just be a little reminder that the Lord is good and He loves us with an infallible love.

Often for me the Lord’s gifts are totally unexpected. Sometimes they are tangible and sometimes they are not. Neither one is better than the other. They are just different. Very rarely do I know when a gift is coming, but when I do I experience a sense of wonder and anticipation.

No matter what the gift is we need to have a grateful heart. Just as you would be hurt if your child rejected or disdained your gift, so I believe the Lord is hurt when we do not receive His gift.

His gift is the one that He individually selected just for you for that precise time. It is a reminder of how much the Lord loves you. When you reflect on His unique gift, you sense His tenderness and compassion towards you. You appreciate the care that went into the selection of the gift, even if it might not be what you had secretly desired.

The Lord loves to give gifts. He gave us Jesus which was His best, but He frequently showers us with other gifts. Don’t disdain the small gifts that come into your life. Each is a reminder of the miraculous power of our loving Lord.

~ Marianne


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