Trendy Christians

God's Utter Holiness: Sinners who know they are lost get it. Trendy Christians seldom do. ~

It seems trendy today among celebrity Christians to promote all sorts of rubbish:

Grace without repentance,

Love without truth,

Mercy without obedience,

Faith without works,

Acceptance without discipleship,

Heaven without Hell,

Justice without judgment,

Kingdom without Kingship,

Ekklesia without local assemblies,

The Living Word without the authority of His written word,

And on and on ….

They know not God, but promote themselves by peddling a Christ of their own perception.

Those who are lost and know it, however, have no such luxury.

Unlike trendy Christians, they fall on their knees and desperately cry out to God.

And in so doing, they find Him.

~ Jim Wright


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