Responding to the Lesser of Two Evils

Sometimes, in the imperfect world of politics, God’s people are reduced to choosing – even if by not choosing – the lesser of two evils.

That does not mean, however, we should celebrate or become partisans for that evil.

To do so destroys our witness.

Rather, we should repent and humble ourselves before God and a watching world …

We should affirm what’s right amidst the evil, while continuing to be a prophetic voice of Godly conviction and truth regarding the rest …

We should recognize that the lesser evil often is God’s chosen judgement for having failed in our witness, rather than proclaim that the lesser evil is His anointed choice …

We should vote humbly for the lesser evil if our conscience allows, without letting haughty political expediency preempt the totality of our conscience …

And if we can’t discern these distinctions, we should remain silent rather dishonor the name of Christ by displaying our foolishness for all the world to see.

Let’s be chastised voters who learn from our past failures of wise discernment, moral integrity, principled conviction and civic engagement …

Rather than openly flaunt continued gullibility over the hard choices we now face but brought on ourselves.

In the United States, the current choices for President bring this all to the forefront.

It’s one thing to disagree over how to implement some policy goal, but rarely are we faced with candidates who are so fundamentally flawed as to personal character and lack of consistent Godly convictions – third party nominees included.

This is a time to repent over those choices, not rejoice.

If you don’t, your foolishness eventually will crush you and destroy your witness as the lesser evil you now choose to celebrate inevitably becomes fully manifest when it gains power …

Because that’s what evil – even lesser evil – ALWAYS does.

As someone who has been elected to local political office in the past, and believes in being God’s salt and light in the world even though I am not of the world, I urge you to be engaged and even vote – but speak truth and keep your witness in doing so.

That’s all I ask, for the sake of the One by who’s name we’re called.

~ Jim Wright


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  1. Amen, Brother. Please keep posting your views. I feel they definitely are lining up with my sentiments as well. Blessings to you and yours.
    Acts 17:11


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