Organic Church Wannabes

The problem is not so much that organic church wannabes – who persist in writing, opining and peddling influence on all things organic without actually being part of a healthy, functional, local fellowship – are wrong in theory.

Rather, it’s that their opinions and aspirations lack a sufficient basis for being right in application.

Until the organic and simple church community moves beyond them and starts learning from each other in the context of actual, intentional local fellowships – we will remain stuck in the rut of the past.

We don’t need mutual promotion networks of local church wannabes masquerading as experts with obscure or misleading bios.

Rather, we need mutual learning networks among those sacrificially being the church in actual local fellowships.

Real Life

This was driven home last night.

On Sunday evenings, folks from over half a dozen fellowships in our county gather at our house to talk and share and learn from one another, in order to then strengthen each of their different communities.

We talked and shared with each other from actual perspectives about actual issues that arise in actual local fellowships where we are actual, committed participants.

The depth of meaning and significance that comes from those gatherings is humbling – not because we have all the answers (we don’t!), but because we are learning how to relationally seek and apply God’s grace together.

I know how fragile these things can be, but I think I see the future…

It’s not in the wannabe experts, but in the humble faces of folks learning to participate together in actually being the church, without fanfare and without pretext.

~ Jim Wright


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7 responses

  1. We have to lay part of the problem at the feet of the Body of Christ. Everyone wants the benefits of the local Body but no one wants the commitment to Christ. I own a successful business and people come to me asking how they to can have a successful business. I tell them, “If you have an idea or can offer a service then quit your present job, be prepared to work 72 hour weeks for the next three to four years and do so for less than what your making now, and if the Lord blesses your work then you will have a business on its way to success.”

    People look at me funny and walk away, People want the rewards of a successful business but they don’t want the hard work and commitment associated with that success. Same with the Church and Body of Christ.


  2. Hi Jim, I think another point is that Organic, Simple or Traditional do not contain the exclusive only way to serve Christ. Each has its own weaknesses but each has the ability to reach different people. – Just the other day I posted, “Don’t let the passion of your calling cause you to assume yours is the only right way to love and serve Jesus.”

    We desperately need to learn to work together to bring God glory and spread the gospel.


    • I agree.

      I think there are Biblical principles and examples that shouldn’t be ignored, but I also think God is sovereign and chooses to work despite our shortcomings (and our strengths!) in many different contexts.


      • I do agree that there are principles that shouldn’t be ignored and I am thankful that God can still use me despite my shortcomings.


  3. I agree that wannabe experts and those that use fantactics are not the future of a properly functioning body. I also feel that simple church where 2 or more are gathered together are totally overlooked. Tell some people an assembly could include just two-few people and be genuine they would scoff and mock without even questioning the evidence that stemmed from the divine appointment. And as with all good things I have sadly seen people twist the beauty of the possibility of a two-few assembly just to be able to do whatever they want without any form of comparing spiritual things and accepting or giving words or encouragement or whatever needs, the Lord knows…and he doesn’t lie of course so he will work right beside us just as he said…
    Love proves Faith which is Evidence.
    I honestly personally expect a genuine church to appear more as family hanging out as opposed to what most people commonly think when they hear “Church”.


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