Sex Abuse and Christian Mafias

Is Janet Mefferd Being Intimidated by the “Gospel” Mafia to Shut Up About SGM? ~ The Wartburg Watch

Finally, the truth is coming out!

For several years, Marianne and I have been deeply involved behind the scenes in helping victims of the Sovereign Grace Ministries sex abuse scandal. We’ve seen its impact on close friends, while also counseling survivors and their families through Nathan’s Voice.

I also know Boz Tchividjian, who is publicly confronting SGM about its history of sexual abuse and is mentioned in this article.

Although we can’t directly talk about all the underlying facts regarding SGM due to confidentiality, we believe that this exposé by The Wartburg Watch is spot on.

What’s happening in that case is very similar to what’s also happening in the ongoing scandal involving author Frank Viola and his team of self-appointed apostolic “workers” and his additional “accountability team” of other organic church “leaders”.

Like Mr. Viola, many of them ironically have no consistent history of being part of any local church, even though they persist in writing books and blogs on how to be an organic (or sometimes called “simple”) church. As a result, they have no real accountability – except to each other as they continue to promote each other.

Just like “The Gospel Mafia” in the SGM case, this mutual promotion network surrounding Frank Viola has emerged as the “Organic Mafia” of the organic church movement.

Rather than stand with those he’s harmed, and openly address Frank Viola’s pattern of sexual predation and exploitation while claiming he’s a leader in the church (as publicly confirmed by his former church and others), the “Organic Mafia” instead has chosen to shun and attack his victims, witnesses and now even their families.

It has been a vicious campaign of intimidation and cover up – often behind the scenes but now increasingly public – as they desperately try to maintain power and influence within the organic church movement through the popularity of Frank Viola’s books and blogs, despite his confirmed history of abuse within that movement.

Tyranny thrives when power is allowed to silence its victims.

Intimidation of Frank Viola’s victims, witnesses and their families, by those seeking power and influence, is not an “organic” value.

Stay tuned…

~ Jim Wright


3 responses

  1. The box title asks what I think?

    I think someone who is going to insinuate The Gospel Coalition (and/or supporters of same) are engaged in I to ideation ought to back it up with evidence. Easy enough to copy and past emails, transcribe phone calls, etc.

    Otherwise it looks like nothing so much as a publicity stunt.


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