House2House: RIP

snake-oil-salesmanIt looks like House2House Ministries and Magazine have closed shop once again.

What an unfortunate, checkered history of organic/simple church failure after failure.

How many times will it take before Felicity Dale and gang finally figure out that you can’t start and sustain healthy local churches – simple, organic or otherwise – by promoting phony self-appointed “apostles”:

– Who ain’t livin’ what their sellin’, with private lives that don’t match up with their finely-honed public persona;

– Who have no consistent history of successfully forming, maintaining or being part of sustainable local churches that look anything like what they promote in their books, blogs and conferences;

– Who deny that the Great Commission has general relevance today;

– Who proclaim that scripture is not the written word of God and that those who affirm scripture are committing “treason against Christ”;

– Who claim trans-Biblical revelation and authority, with weird doctrines and weirder practices;

– Who use “simple church” as a vehicle to promote their anarchist views, post-modern existentialism and all sorts of other wacky non-Biblical ideologies;

– Who keep telling us “how to” form and sustain simple churches through deceitful blogs and articles by those who “don’t do”;

– Who suppressed local church accountability in their own lives by rejecting the legitimate role of local church elders and dismissively calling them “garbagemen”;

– Who used their “apostolic” influence to sexually prey on vulnerable teenagers and other women, then closed ranks and attacked the victims and those who stood with them in order to cover it up while at the same time hypocritically writing and selling books about the “equality” of women; and

– Who act like Keystone Cops by comically running around “excommunicating” (even though most of them aren’t even part of any actual church), “banning” and creating bogus web sites attacking those who dare question their antics?

Now they seem to be morphing into some new group called Yolk with Ken Eastburn taking the helm.

Same tune, different label?

Time will tell.

Felicity Dale, you can do better.

In the meantime, may House2House Ministries and Magazine – for the good of God’s Kingdom, the sake of basic integrity, and the health of the organic and simple church community worldwide – finally and permanently rest in peace.

~ Jim Wright


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  1. As often happens, most of the responding dialog and comments seem to happen on Facebook.

    Here is the Facebook post of this blog, with all the comments about Felicity Dale and her gang over at House2House Ministries. Some of those comments are by victims and others who bear personal witness against the abuse, cover up, weird doctrines and stranger practices found among the discredited “apostolic” network promoted there.

    Interestingly, even House2House’s remaining defenders do not dispute the facts set forth in the blog – rather, they simply assert that Felicity Dale is a nice person regardless. But that begs the question, as discussed further on Facebook:


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